Best Rug Washing and Cleaning in Denver

At Ibraheems, you can rest assured knowing that your rug is in the hands of professionals who have been in the business for generations and in Denver for almost 3 decades. As all handmade rugs are art, we strive to ensure every rug is cared for lovingly.

When you put your rug in our care to be washed, we make sure it will have a complete inspection, proper “un-dusting,” thorough wash and rinse, and a comprehensive dry to ensure the rug will not be damaged.

Our inspection includes checking the dyes to make sure they do not bleed and a reinforcement of weak areas so they can handle a wash. If your Oriental or Persian Rug needs repair or restoration work, we will inform you. We do not believe in unnecessary repairs so we will only recommend a repair or restoration if it will increase the value of your rug. Of course if the rug has sentimental value (which we all know they do!) we will do the work but we will always talk with you about the cost/benefit analysis.

During the washing process, great care is taken to completely remove all dirt, dust, and pollutants from your rug. Our process ensures that before washing, the dirt deep down near the foundation is removed. This means your rug will come out of the wash completely free of contaminates.

We wash our rugs using timed-tested traditional methods with non-harmful detergents.

Before we call you for pickup or to schedule a delivery, we make sure the rug is completely dry. You do not want to have a partially damp rug ready for pickup and this can possibly damage the rug.

We promise to make sure you get the best professional rug washing in Denver!