Are you looking for a unique and modern rug? Ibraheems is proud to provide transitional rugs to adorn your home with a unique transitional rug to set it apart.

What are Transitional Rugs?

Transitional rugs are a favorite among interior designers. Transitional rugs will feature traditional designs paired with only a few tones. These rugs maintain the elegance of the past while using colors that work in modern designs.

Transitional Rug. Wool background with silk pattern. You can really feel the difference as you move your hand across the rug!

These rugs will look elegant and be harmonious with the room without being too loud. For the sophisticated type, these rugs offer easy solutions for tough decors. They blend in and are adaptable to almost any design environment.

While traditional rugs have more of a set color scheme, transitional rugs are not bound by the norm. They can be bright or dull, or any arrangement of hues. It depends on how the rug maker wants it to appear, which gives these rugs a unique, exquisite look.

In-home Showing

We are pleased to offer a wide selection so that you can find the perfect colors and pattern that you need to match your home’s decor. If you are interested in seeing what a certain rug would look like in your home, we are happy to provide in-home showing.

Space Planning

Because we understand that finding a rug that fits perfectly in your home is essential, we are proud to offer excellent space planning and interior design services.

With transitional rugs you have the best of both worlds. Let the sophistication and luxury of traditional rugs meet the warmth and comfort of contemporary rugs. For more information about our services, contact our experts today.