At Ibraheems Rugs and Furnishings Boutique, we are proud to provide exquisite rugs, suited for your lifestyle and preference, including contemporary rugs.

What are Gabbeh Rugs?

Gabbeh/Contemporary rugs are favorites of interior designers due to their versatility and adaptability with most spaces. Gabbeh rugs generally have only a few colors and simple designs. While the knot count is going to be lower than fine Persian rugs, Gabbeh’s are very durable. At Ibraheems, our Gabbeh rugs are natural/vegetable dyed and have handspun wools.

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You will see variations in color across the rug while using these techniques. These rugs are for perfectionist types who are determined and efficient with all of their interior design choices. They are also for those who like clean lines and sharp edges.

Benefits of Contemporary Rugs

An advantage of these rugs is that they can also look more neutral, so they do not distract from the rest of the room’s décor. Because we carry such a wide selection of contemporary rugs ranging in colors, patterns and design, we guarantee that you will find one that fits your preference.

Acquire the Best

Whether you are looking for a contemporary rug for your home or business our experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect match. If you need a professional eye, learn more about our interior design services today.

We Deliver

At Ibraheems we understand that your time is valuable, which is why we are pleased to provide a home delivery service. Once you have found a beautiful rug, you don’t have to worry about safely transporting it. Leave the heavy lifting to us. We will happily discuss the delivery details with you and set up a date and time that is convenient for you.

Give your home the makeover you’ve always wanted with a unique contemporary rug. Let our experts assist you with finding the perfect rug. Contact Ibraheems today.