There is a pure natural beauty that is uniquely peaceful in the labor of human hands. This human to human connection and inherent artistry most believe is so rare that it can only come from a higher being. One of the highest essences of this art has been gracefully captured in handmade rugs for centuries. This amazing art and weaving legacy all under our gifted fingertips was historically only enjoyed by royalty. They were the only exception in society that had the power to reallocate such amount of resources and human skill for this unique art.

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There was also something special about the weaving art that was deeply personal to this class. Their unique status and fortune in being someone meaningful to people made them wonder about the legacy and memory they will leave behind; Shah Abbas was one of those kings.

Not having a son to carry his name and legacy made him turn to the next best thing that God gifted humans with. He commissioned the famous Shah Abbas Design Rug. This design became the inspiration and birth mother of curving patterns as we know it. Today, many kings and emperors of the past are forgotten and while, Shah Abbas is also long gone, his legacy and name along with many other handmade rugs and Oriental Rugs still live on in our homes. At Ibraheems Rugs and Furnishings Boutique, we gather these threads of timeless tradition and rich cultures and create family heirlooms with our fine handmade rugs that we hope will continue in your legacy for generations. It’s a common thread that weaves our story with yours.

Our unique rugs separate you from the ordinary. We have an array of beautifully handcrafted rugs that are unique and rare. Stop by our showroom to take a look at our selection. If you love them all and can’t decide right away, you can even take them home for 24 hours to see how it looks in your home before you buy it. To add character to your room, visit us today.