Chobi Rugs

chobi rugs

chobi rugsIbraheems Rugs and Furnishings Boutique is proud to provide our customers with the elegant Oriental Rugs, including Chobi rugs. If you are looking to distinguish your home with a beautiful rug, we can help you choose an option to suit your style.

What a Chobi Rug Represents

Chobi rugs are some of the most popular rugs in America. These rugs are traditionally hand crafted in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Because they are hand knotted with care, they are durable to last for many generations and are perceived as precious heirlooms.

What Makes Chobi Rugs Unique

Chobi rugs are known for their distinct colors and patterns. The word Chobi comes from the word “chob”, meaning wood. It received this name because these rugs have similar colors to wood. There are usually made in a few different colors, ranging from reds, greens, browns and beiges. At times, it is possible to find one with black or blue as the background, yet that is more rare.

Because these rugs are are hand spun, the colors have a more vivid variety of shades. The natural dyes used do not take the lanolin out from the wool. This differentiates them from rugs made with chemical dyes, giving them a luster that makes them a prized rug to own.

If you are looking for a gorgeous rug that can be passed down for generations, don’t waste your money on a regular rug that won’t last. Invest in a Chobi rug that will give your home the status and appeal you desire. To learn more about our Persian rugs and Oriental Rugs, contact Ibraheems today.