Gorgeous Fine Persian Tabriz

Persian Rugs in Denver: Luxury at an Affordable Price

If you are looking for exquisite Persian rugs in Denver, make sure you visit Ibraheems! In the Denver area, Ibraheems is alone in carrying a large variety of 400 knot per square inch rugs. You can find beautiful Habibian Nain’s, Tabriz rugs, Gumbud rugs, Isfahan rugs, Kashan rugs, and many more! We take pride in offering the best Persian rugs in Denver.

Persian Gonbad or "Dome" Rug
Fine Persian “Dome” Rug

The Timeless Art of Persian Rugs

It is very hard to find high quality Persian rugs in Denver unless you go to Ibraheems. We believe the ancient art of rug weaving is masterfully captured in Persian designs. In this style, you will find intricate and carefully knotted designs. When deciding a rug design, a weaver has to be prepared for the long haul when weaving a Persian rug. A 9X12 Persian can take years for a weaver to complete. Not only does the number of knots slow down the process, but it is mentally exhausting to keep track of each and every knot. A minor slip up can lead to a section having to be redone because everything will look off.

Fine Persian Isfahan
Fine Persian design rug with over 400 knots per square inch.

 The Look of Persian Rugs in Denver

In Colorado, Persian rugs are not as sought after as they would be in other areas of the United States. Tribal rugs are popular for mountain homes and Transitional rugs are popular in the city. 

Persian rugs have very fine and intricate designs. When choosing how to design your space, think about how much of a statement you want your rug to make. Choose a Persian if you want to have your space look as luxurious as possible. These rugs were sought after in medieval Europe by the noble class for hundreds of years. In fact, you will still see gorgeous Persian rugs in royal residences till this day.

At our store you can find the latest innovations in Persian rug design. You can also find true to life copies of famous rugs. For example we have a few copies or playful renditions of the Ardabil Carpet.  The original rug is 18’x35′ and our examples are far smaller (not many people have the space for a 35 foot long rug!). We also have artful designs that draw from Hereke patterns as well. 

Hereke Design Rug
Hereke Design Rug

The Future of Persian Rugs in Denver

At Ibraheems, we try to make sure the art is not lost. Unfortunately many weavers are abandoning Persian designs due to the fact that they can weave a Transitional rug much faster and still make a good return on their time invested. In the time it would take one Persian to be woven, 2-3 Transitional’s could be made. At our last visit in Pakistan, we found that most of our weavers wanted to make Transitional rugs and very few wanted to weave a Persian. Because you need to be really skilled at weaving to make a Persian, we fear that the art may slowly be lost.

The time is now if you want to buy a fine Persian rug in Denver! Once the Persian’s in our store are gone, they may be gone forever.