Transitional Rug

Transitional Rugs in Denver and Ibraheems’ Chenille Collection

Ibraheems has the best selection of high-quality Transitional rugs in Denver. Our exclusive Chenille Collection features beautiful wool and silk blend rugs of various colors. The beauty of Transitional rugs lays in their traditional patterns and modern, two-toned color combinations. The newest creations in handmade rugs are available in Denver exclusively through Ibraheems.

transitional rugs

The Texture of Transitional Rugs

The ability to feel the textures of the rug as you move your hand across a Transitional rug is unmatched by any other style. Being able to take off your shoes and run your toes between ultra soft silk and soft wool is a welcome treat from a long day at work.

Transitional Rug. Wool background with silk pattern. You can really feel the difference as you move your hand across the rug!

The Look of Transitional Rugs

As you can see in the picture above, Transitional rugs give you the feel and heritage of traditional rugs without dominating a room like a Persian. Transitional rugs also give you more to look at than a Modern/Gabbeh rug which has almost no design. Persian style rugs will almost always be THE statement piece of the room while Transitional rugs will work with your decor in a more harmonious fashion.

Some Transitional rugs feature a dominant color background with a white or cream silk pattern. Other Transitional rugs have a lower contrast and have been over-dyed one color to minimize the boldness of the pattern. This style is the closest you can get to the muteness of a Gabbeh without losing an intricate design. No matter the design of the rug, they all need to be cleaned at least once a year to maintain their beauty and wear more evenly over time. 

Blue/Grey Transitional Rug
Beautiful over-dyed Transitional. This picture does not do this rug justice and you should drop by the showroom to see it in-person!

Transitional Rugs in Denver are the Hottest New Look in Design

Those with an eye for the newest trends in interior design gravitate toward our Chenille Collection. This style of rug is the latest design in weaving Oriental Rugs. If you are looking for the latest and greatest in Oriental Rugs, look no further than our exclusive Chenille Transitional rugs in Denver!