Tribal Rug Kazakh

Tribal Rugs in Denver: The Perfect Rustic Companion

You will find a great selection of Tribal rugs in Denver at the Ibraheems’ showroom. Ibraheems has Kazakh’s, Serapi’s, Heriz’s, Turkoman’s, Bidjar’s, and many other Tribal rug styles. Tribal rugs feature bold patterns and geometric designs. Most Tribal rugs also use traditional red, blue, and cream colors.

The Look of Tribal Rugs in Denver

Tribal rugs have the ability to add design and color to any room without making too much of a statement. They add design without business. They provide a traditional, yet casual feel in any space. Tribal rugs in Denver fit in really well with the Colorado feel. The mountainous and rugged Colorado adopts Tribal rugs as its own!

Heriz Rugs

Heriz and Serapi rugs are a good choice for mountain homes. They add some level of grandeur with bold designs but do not get too busy and out of place in a rustic setting.

Kazakh Rugs

Some styles of Tribal rugs also fit in well with Southwest designs. The Kazakh is a wonderful companion to any adobe home. Below are two examples of Kazakh rugs.

Beljik Turkoman

A particularly beautiful rug is a Beljik Turkoman. These Turkoman’s are different from most other Turkoman’s in that the wool is at the highest quality. Beljik Turkoman’s are very deep red in color (sometimes appearing almost purple). The color change from one side to the other is most dramatic of any rug style. Pictures are never able to capture the true beauty of one of these rugs. You have to come to Ibraheems to see these rugs in-person!

Beljik Turkoman Rug

Tribal Bidjar

Tribal Bidjar’s are another excellent choice for any rustic design. These rugs can have more intricate designs but they typically will still feature a bold pattern that will give a casual feel.

When looking for a wide selection of quality Tribal rugs in Denver, stop by Ibraheems!

If you would like more information on Tribal and other rug styles along with their histories, we recommend Oriental Rugs: An Illustrated Lexicon of Motifs, Materials, and Origins by Peter F. Stone. It has a good blend of information and pictures for the beginning rug connoisseur.